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Making Pools Safe  for Kids


Glass Fencing Specifications

Swimming Pool System Description

Main Posts - 316 marine grade Stainless Steel polished

Base - Polished and specially coated against corrosion

Vari angle couplings - Polished and specially coated against corrosion

Cap - Polished and specially coated against corrosion

** All the above can be colour powder coated by request



Assembly fixings   

Stainless Steel

Self closing gate hinges  

Certified to NFP 90-306

Self latching latches  

Certified to NFP 90-306

Standard Panels  

10mm Certified Toughened glass with chamfered and polished edges.

Alternative panels may be used ie .mesh, polycarbonate, chain link etc customer preference and applications.


Height of surround  -  1.2 metres standard, variable by request and local authority law

Floor to panel gap  - 80 mm

Distance between posts - 1.5 metres recommended

Width of gate opening  - To European law

No of gates  - As required

Position of surround  - 1.2 metres minimum from waters edge.


Robust construction but pleasing to the eye.

Panels are weighted downwards directly onto base and not suspended.

Panels clamped,  no holes required in glass.

Couplings cover corners of glass eliminating danger and weak point.

Wind gap between panels.

Vari angle couplings pivot centrally on main post body allowing alignment of various contours as cord. pitches to be followed and fixed.

Standard 4 hole base fixing.

Alternative fixing, extended post body through plain base core drilled and resined.

Extended post body though base with 4 hole fixing core drilled and resined.

** The above alternative fixing would be determined by the fitting engineer subject to base fixing conditions or specific request by trade or D.I.Y. customer.

Wall/ Floor brackets Mk 1

For some applications where a wall fixing point is available these brackets may be more suitable as end panel fixing points.

Wall/ Floor brackets Mk 2

The Mk 2 bracket is an open ended bracket where mid panel support may be required for certain applications.

Vari Angle Coupling Mk 2

The Mk 2 coupling is an open ended coupling where mid panel support may be required for certain applications.

End cap Mk 2

The end cap Mk 2 is a modified cap when an additional hand rail may be required.