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Making Pools Safe  for Kids


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In addition to having POOL GUARD swimming pool fencing installed, here are some rules to help prevent accidents and drowning. These rules will ensure everyone has a safe, fun time swimming and provide a worry free pool environment.

FACT: In Spain, between 90 and 100 children under the age of 5 drown each year,  with nearly 1000 admissions to the emergency room. Drowning is the Third leading cause of accidental death in under 5s.

FACT: In 2005, 96 children drowned. In 2006 100 drowned. Drowning children do not cry or struggle for help, they submerge almost immediately.

FACT: 75% of drowned victims are between the ages of 14 months and 3 years. 65% of those are boys.

NEVER take your eyes off a child when they are playing near water. Not even for a second.

Safety is everyones concern - chances are you wont even hear a cry or a splash


One question that parents have asked over and over again throughout the years is “when is the best time to have a pool fence installed?”. For families who live in a home with an existing pool and now have a small baby and want to protect their child, the answer is when the baby is between 6 - 9 months old. This is the age recommended by the National Safety Council, Pediatricians and most drowning prevention comittees. The reason for this being the perfect age is because the baby may not yet be walking -  a small child can barely communicate. They cant tell their parents that “this week i’m crawling but next week i’ll be walking!”. By having a pool fence installed before a baby is mobile, parents are guaranteeing the safety of their children around the pool. Pool fencing can never be installed too soon. Many customers find that they have a higher comfort level if the pool fence is installed while the baby is still in its infant stage. Also, many young families whose baby is not yet mobile have freinds who visit with slightly older babies and toddlers. Pool fencing in place gives peace of mind to all around the swimming area. For families moving to a new home with a swimming pool the best time to install is on the day you close with the purchase, new pools are a novelty to children and moving day is always hectic with people in and out and doors being left open. Everyone is distracted and too many times no-one is watching the little ones. If a pool fence is installed before moving in there is no chance of an incident. Even if a small child turns 6-9 months of age during winter or you move to a new home with a pool in the winter months its time for the pool fence to go up. The pool is outside 365 days a year -  a swimming pool safety fence should be there to protect against drowning as well. Accidents know no seasons.