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Making Pools Safe  for Kids


Safety Turtle

Wireless Gate Alarm with Bypass Switch

The Safety Turtle wireless gate alarm enhances the security of a safety fence. A gate alarm reinforces the weakest link of a pool or property fence, the gate latch, which is subject to mechanical deterioration and occupant and visitor interaction.

Alarming occurs if a child succeeds in unlatching the gate, if the gate fails to re-latch after adult entry, or if a child wearing a Turtle wristband - see Child Immersion Alarm - goes in the water.

A standard wireless gate alarm consists of:

  1. One or more gate alarm sensors of the same color – General purpose model or Magna-Latch® model*

  2. A "baby Turtle" coding plug for Base Station

  3. A Standard Base Station


  1. General purpose model can be installed by home owner on any wood or metal gate.

  2. Magna-Latch® model only works with self-closing, self-latching Magna-Latch® and must be installed by a professional.


Safety Turtle is a family of Wireless products designed to enhance security at home and in the workplace. All Safety Turtle products satisfy the high performance, reliability and operational simplicity requirements of discriminating safety equipment users.


Safety Turtle provides continuous protection to the wearer. A Safety Turtle alarm can also accompany a user on a vaction or on visits to a boat, cottage or another pool where unfamiliar surroundings and less security add risk.


  1. 1.Unique features in the design of Safety Turtle address your water safety concerns and make it easy to use with your children, pets or adults.

  2. 2.Safety Turtle works with all fresh water ( natural lakes, rivers, ponds, or man made pool and hottubs

  3. 3.No installation required. quick set up and test.

  4. 4.A loud alarm sounds instantly at base station when the turtle is immersed in water.

  5. 5.The alarm continues to sound until it is reset.

  6. 6.children enjoy wearing the colourful wristbands.

  7. 7.The Turtle wristband locks securely around the wrist using a key provided.

  8. 8.The Turtle is permanently sealed and of rugged construction to withstand childrens

  9. 9.The turtle battery has a life of 3-4 years.