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Making Pools Safe  for Kids



Extracts from the French Standard NF P90 306

The CSC (Centre de securite des consommateurs) recommends the installation of a pool safety fence or barrier as it is the only passive security device. All the other approved means of security; alarms, rigid safety covers and shelters need to be actively turned on or physically closed every time the pool is vacated (even for a few minutes) and as such should be seen as supplementary to a physical barrier.

The standard NF P90 306 defines the requirements for the installation of pool safety fencing and the means of access to pools (partially or completely buried in the ground or above ground) which is intended to limit the access to swimming pools to children of less than five years old.

The law in France is enforced by a fine of up to €45,000 for private pool owners and €225,000 for communal and commercial swimming pools.

Remember that no barrier is ever foolproof and nothing can replace the vigilance of a parent.


In France and other EU countries it is now becoming law to secure your swimming pool. Private pool owners in france are now liable to a fine of 45,000 euros if they do not comply. For communial and commercial pools the fine for failing to comply is 225,000 euros